Got Questions?

Do you have perplexing questions about your life? If you do, you are not alone because everyone has them. We have selected some of the “biggies” that most people ask. Check them out and see if they are helpful to you. They are based on the Bible and for that reason, the first question we seek to answer is “why should I trust the Bible?”

Why should I trust the Bible?

The Bible can be trusted because of its track record. It has been held under the watchful eye of believers and skeptics alike. So here are some interesting facts that support the Bible as being 100% trustworthy.

How can I know if there is a God?

Atheists agree that it is impossible to definitively prove that God does not exist. The atheist must take it on faith and believe that there is no God. On the other hand, Those believing in the God of the Bible do not have to exercise as much faith to support their worldview.

The fact that Jesus is a real historical person and that the Bible that records Jesus’ life is factual (see “Why should I trust the Bible?”) provides much proof of the existence of God. It goes far beyond the unprovable hypotheses of atheism!

Does absolute truth exist?

To answer this question we must revisit the previously answered questions. Please review “Why should I trust the Bible?” One thing we all know for sure is that there is no absolute truth that originated from mankind here on earth. We are constantly updating and correcting our previous thoughts and theories. The Bible on the other hand, well that is a whole other story!

Is there proof of life after death?

The only way to seriously prove that there is life after death is to literally die and then come back with a report of your existence while dead. Check out the link above to discover someone who has traveled to the “great beyond” and back!

Where will I spend eternity after I die?

Where do you want to spend your eternity? The reason we ask is that it is totally up to you. Please, check out the link above – it is so important!

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